DISCLAIMER – This blog will include many subjects, including life, calligraphy, family, friends. however there will be a lot of talking about ill health. If not interested, please don’t read. I will ensure there is something in the subject heading if there are health issues being written about

I am 42. Some days I feel I am 82, like today. Once again I was supposed to be going out. My brain, which is still in its 20’s, wants to go out but it isn’t over-riding the pain. I am lucky that 90% of my friends understand having to cancel but it doesn’t make it any easier. Pissed off doesn’t cover it.

So what do I do to keep sane? I write. I don’t mean novels. I do pretty writing. I can’t call it calligraphy just yet as there is no way I can be associated with some of my Calligraphy buddies who just can look at a piece of paper and produce something beautiful. I am still a beginner but I practice as much as I can.

I read. A lot. Charity shops like me as I will buy books from them and take them back. I refuse to pay full price for a book if I can. I would rather buy from a charity shop as you can find some real gems and get to try different authors. My lovely Hubby bought me a kindle for Christmas as it is perfect for bad days. There are the days that even picking up a book hurts. May sound melodramatic and wussy but it does happen.

I am addicted to the Military History channel. Anything historical and I am one happy SF. I also like watching the cycling like the Giro, La Tour etc and it has nothing to do with all that Lycra …… honest. 🙂

I try and do other crafts. I used to make cards, make lace – well attempted to, make jewellery but it has got to the point where I have had to choose one and my first love being reading, then pretty writing is a logical step. If anyone wants anything written, let me know as I love practicing and it is better to practice on a poem or verse (Bible is great for that) than just the alphabet over and over.

Here is one piece I actually am happy to publish.